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Auto Smart Vask Robotstøvsuger 1

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size: Small version
Farger: Hvit
  • Auto Smart Vask Robotstøvsuger-serien har fått en ny modell, den heter Auto Smart Vask Robotstøvsuger 1. Roboten navigerer lett rundt i ditt hjem, den har full kontroll på arealet, og vil gå tilbake til lader når den trenger batteri påfyll. Om den ikke er ferdig med hele huset så vil den lade batteriene, gå ut hvor den var kommet til og fortsette jobben.


    Auto Smart Vask Robotstøvsuger 1 navigerer seg godt på egenhånd og kan klare smale areal. Den vil ganske enkelt bare trenge å lade litt oftere for å kunne gjøre seg ferdig. Den har AeroForce 2. generation motor, denne kjenner vi godt fra Auto Smart Vask Robotstøvsuger 1 - serien.


    Fantastisk støvsugning og vask

    iAdapt 2.0 navigasjonssystem


    Gratis Frakt

    Begge Auto Smart Vask Robotstøvsuger 1 - får du nå med gratis frakt!

  • Under kan du lese mer om de 2 forskjellige versjonene på engelsk - siden de er best beskrevet på engelsk.
  • ------------------------------------------
  • Small version:
  • Specification:
  • Type:Intelligent Charging Sweeper
  • Material:ABS+ Electronic Components
  • Size:23*23*7cm
  • Weight:600g
  • Color:Black/White/Red(Optional)
  • Package List:
  • 1x Intelligent Charging Sweeper
  • Features:
  • -Large Cleaning Area:
  • This robotic vacuum cleaner can clean large area 100 - 130 square meters.
  • Anti-collision System:
  • It has the intelligence to prevent collision and front-end soft bumper protects furniture.
  • -Intelligent Drop Avoidance Induction:
  • IR sensors at the bottom detect the high gaps, and it will avoid the obstacles and change direction automatically by inductor. No Dropping!
  • -Multiple Cleaning Mode:
  • Auto Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, MAX Cleaning Mode Function, which makes cleaning so easy.
  • -OBS Terrain Detection System:
  • OBS terrain detection system make this robot vacuum cleaner recognise the barrier and avoids collision.
  • -65mm Slim Design:
  • Works in narrow spaces.
  • -65db Low Noise Mute:
  • 65DB low noise mute gives you a quiet environment.
  • -500pa Strong Suction:
  • It easily absorbs dust, hair, paper, and reduce pollution.
  • -10mm Climbing:
  • It's has 10mm climbing function, 15 degrees climbing height.
  • -Double Filtration Dust Box:
  • Swept dust and garbage thoroughly!
  • Suitable for cement floors, ceramic tiles, wooden floors, short-haired carpets, etc.
  • -Easily deals with all kinds of environment.
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • Normal version:
  • Package Included:
  • 1 x Vacuum Cleaner Robot
  • 1 x Mop
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Features:
  • 1800PA Super Strong Suction.
  • Automatically move and clean the floor.
  • Will Automatically change direction when meet walls and obstacles.
  • Flexible move, with large dust garbage box.
  • Universal driving, sweeping the floor (no need for dust absorbing paper).
  • Specifications:
  • Material: ABS+Electronic Component
  • Color: Black/White/Grey(Optional)
  • Product specifications: 40*32*10cm
  • Battery: 3.7V 1200MAH
  • Working time: about 100 minutes
  • Charging time: about 150 minutes
  • Cleaning area: 150m2
  • Working voltage: 3.7V
  • Rated power: 3W
  • Dust box: about 400ML
  • Applicable to the ground: flat ground such as marble, tile, wooden floor, etc.
  • Function: One-button start, sweeping, mopping, vacuum cleaner, USB charging, universal driving, automatic avoidance obstacles, anti-drop, low noise, intimate, low repetition, high coverage
  • Operation Mode:
  • 1. Switch mode: Press the host switch , and the sweeper enters the working mode working lamp to light up . Press the host switch again and turn off the sweeper.
  • 2. Charging mode: Connect the Micro USB head of the USB cable to the charging port of the sweeper and connect the USB head to the converter for charging .
  • 3. Charge Status: The charging indicator light is on , indicating that the charging is being charged and the OFF indicates that the charging is complete and the general charging time is about 2-3 hours .
  • Cleaning of the Dust Box:
  • (Dirt may be blown out of the inlet, so please empty the dust box after each use.)
  • 1. The dust box is located at the bottom of the machine, pull the plug to turn outward.
  • 2. Open the dust box, clean up the dirt inside, wipe out residuals using a dried damp cloth.
  • 3. Place the dust box back into the machine.
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