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Elastisk og vanntett sofatrekk sofa cover

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Color: NAVY
MagicSofaCover™  Elastic Cover sofa trekk er vanntett og super elastisk sofa trekk som du kan trekke over sofaen din for å beskytte sofaen for ytterligere skader og skitt.
Passer perfekt til alle sofaen og sofa typer som følge av sin veldig elastiske form og stoff.


Gi sofaen og lenestolen din et kjempeløft med et fresht møbeltrekk. Unngå å kaste gamle møbler som du blir lei, kjøp heller et pent møbeltrekk og raskt gjør du en endring.

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New couches cost a fortune, so we decided to do something about it. With Cozy Couch™ you can go from a crusty couch to a personalized look in under a minute.

Instantly improve the look and feel of your living room with our family-friendly couch cover. It was made to save you time, thousands of $$$, and countless headaches by extending the life of your current couch.

Furniture - Elastisk og vanntett sofatrekk

The MagicSofaCover™ Difference:

  • Slip Resistant: Designed for convenience; our covers are strapless and slip resistant with a sewn-in elastic bottom hem, which means there are no straps needed to secure it in place as it stays firmly where you want it without moving or shifting.
  • Water Repellent: Cozy Couch™ patented negative ion technology creates a smooth, watertight surface that protects your furniture from unwanted spills and stains.
  • Fast Installation: Unlike traditional couch covers, Cozy Couch™ installs in three simple steps taking only seconds for the perfect long-lasting fit.
  • Easy Cleaning: We designed our couch covers with easy cleaning in mind. Simply remove the cover from your furniture and place it in the washer. It's that simple!
  • Money Saver: New couches or repairs can be expensive. Cozy Couch™ is the affordable solution to a revitalized look without breaking the bank.



Single-seat sofa cover: suitable for sofa size 90-140 cm

Double-seat sofa cover: suitable for sofa size 145-185 cm

Three-seat sofa cover: suitable for sofa size 190-230 cm

Four-seat sofa cover: suitable for sofa size 235-300 cm 


1-seater, length of the sofa should be within 90-140 cm

2-seater, length of the sofa should be within 145-185 cm

3-seater, Length of the sofa should be 190-230 cm

4-seater, length of the sofa should be 235-300 cm


Elastisk og vanntett sofatrekk


  • Patented negative ion technology for water repellent design
  • Multi-functional use allows you to save time and money
  • Manufactured with eco-friendly highly durable materials
  • Color and size options for any style
  • Sleek and compact design for easy storage


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sofatrekk sofa cover

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